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LottoInteractive Inc.

LottoInteractive Inc.

41 Marietta St
Atlanta, GA 30301

Phone: 404-680-6047

Year of inception: 2013

Primary products and services:

  • The highest-rated interactive lottery games for web-based and mobile platforms, incorporating advanced game mechanics, graphics, access and replay-ability with innovative, multi-tiered reward systems.
  • Platform integration technology for end-to-end online game deployments in conjunction with existing systems or as stand-alone installations.

LottoInteractive is focused on making lottery and iGaming fun, interactive and mobile, by creating compelling entertainment that appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers. LottoInteractive connects demand for high quality mobile games with the thrill of winning tangible prizes across devices worldwide. In turn, LottoInteractive creates value for governments by ensuring that the good causes funded by lotteries will be adequately supported in the future via optimization of digital channels.

We have an unparalleled track record and understanding of consumer engagement and monetization via 510 game launches on 32 platforms, and more than 300 Game Of The Year awards.

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