Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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NASPL Regions


Remember to Play all Lottery Games Responsibly

Region I

Atlantic Lottery Corporation
Connecticut Lottery
Delaware State Lottery
Maine State Lottery
Maryland State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
Massachusetts State Lottery Commission
New Hampshire Lottery Commission
New Jersey Lottery
New York State Lottery
Pennsylvania Lottery
Rhode Island Lottery
Vermont Lottery

Regional Director
Carole Hedinger, Executive Director,
New Jersey Lottery
Region II

Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
D.C. Lottery & Charitable Games
Florida Lottery
Georgia Lottery Corporation
Kentucky Lottery Corporation
Louisiana Lottery Corporation
Loteria Electronica (Puerto Rico)
North Carolina Education Lottery
South Carolina Education Lottery
Tennessee Education Lottery
Virgin Islands Lottery
Virginia Lottery
West Virginia Lottery

Regional Director
Alice Garland, Executive Director
North Carolina Education Lottery

Region III

Illinois Lottery
Hoosier Lottery
Iowa Lottery Authority
Kansas Lottery
Michigan Bureau of State Lottery
Minnesota State Lottery
Missouri Lottery
Nebraska Lottery
North Dakota Lottery
The Ohio Lottery
Ontario Lottery and Gaming
South Dakota Lottery
Wisconsin Lottery

Regional Director
Randy Miller, Director
North Dakota Lottery


Region IV

Arizona Lottery
British Columbia Lottery Corporation
California Lottery
Colorado Lottery
Idaho Lottery
Montana Lottery
New Mexico Lottery
Oklahoma Education Lottery
Oregon Lottery
Texas Lottery Commission
Washington's Lottery
Western Canada Lottery Corporation
Wyoming Lottery Corporation

Regional Director
David Barden, CEO
New Mexico Lottery