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Associate Membership Information

As this industry looks towards the future of Lottery, it is apparent that as a whole, it must continue to protect its market share, profits, and products.

For this reason, NASPL has created Associate Memberships in the hopes of encouraging every vendor to become a part of the future development of our industry.

Throughout the year, industry vendors and suppliers participate in many aspects of NASPL; and the Association has always greatly appreciated the support and cooperation it has received from its suppliers. Specifically, numerous companies attend the Vendor Dialogue, Professional Development Seminars, Lottery Leadership Institute, Annual Conference, Trade Show, or advertise in Insights. For the first time ever, NASPL has created memberships for vendors that encompass a variety of levels of participation at a reduced rate. There are Five levels to choose from, and each one offers unique cost-savings and benefits, while at the same time, elevating your participation in the future direction of our Industry. 

A NASPL Associate Membership application is open to a supplier or prospective supplier of goods and/or services provided to a government-sanctioned lottery operator. All applications must be submitted for final approval by the NASPL Executive Committee. NASPL reserves the sole right to accept or reject any applicant.

Please call NASPL Headquarters at 440.361.7962 for more information.

Click Here to Download the Associate Membership Benefits Guide