Monday, February 08, 2016
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Remember to Play all Lottery Games Responsibly

Lottery Insider: Lottery Insider's Daily News Service, the competitive edge you need. Insightful information about lotteries, vendors and the people who lead them.

LaFleurs: This site is dedicated to the women and men who operate the world's 200+ legal state operated lotteries. We have spent a career researching, writing and reporting on the global lottery industry.

PGRI: Our website, DAILY News Digest and weekly electronic newsletter (dubbed ‘Morning Report’) have changed dramatically over the past year. Check in frequently because the news is updated daily.

The National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) is the only organization of state lawmakers that meets on a regular basis to discuss issues in regard to gaming. Members of NCLGS chair or are members of committees responsible for the regulation of gaming in their state legislative houses. NCLGS does not promote or oppose gaming but is primarily concerned with the proper regulation of the industry.