Saturday, February 06, 2016
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Pollard Banknote

Pollard Banknote Limited
1499 Buffalo Place
Winnipeg MB  R3T 1L7
Phone: (204) 474-2323
Fax: (204) 453-1375

Douglas Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer
John Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer
Gordon Pollard, Executive Chair

Year of Inception: 1905

Primary Products and Services:

• Instant Scratch Tickets: spectrum process printing, translucent marking system, multi-color imaging, die cut tickets, embossing, fluorescent/neon color, holographic tickets, scented tickets, Scratch FX®, Spectrum FX®, Shine FX™, RefleXions, Fusion® games, Licensed games, pull tabs, bingo paper

• Lottery Management Services: SureTrack

• Integrated Marketing Solutions: ticket design and manufacturing, prize structure consultation, merchandise selection and fulfillment, publicity and promotional opportunities, second chance draw process management, mobile/web innovation & integration

• Market Research Services: primary research, secondary research, Pollard Banknote’s industry-wide sales database, strategic market research capabilities

With over 25 years focused on serving worldwide lotteries and their customers, Pollard Banknote is the lottery industry’s most trusted and reliable full service partner. What started as high security printing at Pollard Banknote has since evolved into art design, game programming, pull-tab games, sales support and a growing portfolio of licensed games. Pollard Banknote tickets themselves have the utmost in quality and security as well as featuring special elements such as our patented Scratch FX®, Spectrum FX® and Shine FX™. Looking forward, continued evolution and growth for the future is evidenced by the commitment to innovation and technology. With the newly launched innovations group and products such as 3D Tickets and the industry first ‘Social Instant,’ Pollard Banknote continues to be at the forefront of the lottery industry.