Thursday, November 26, 2015
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NASPL Game Developers Conference

The NASPL Game Developers Conference will educate the lottery industry on new game design concepts and technologies.

This premier event will bring a host of leading iGaming visionaries to the lottery industry for an in-depth two-day session featuring speakers from outside the lottery industry. This event will cover the legal, technological, product development and political issues of game development.

Those attending should expect:

• Interactive and informative sessions.

• Great networking opportunities.

• Learn about current and future federal and state policy addressing digital gambling. 

• Learn about the social and economic impacts of regulated digital gambling.

• The pros and cons of various global regulatory models and considerations for a potential US model. 

• Existing US prohibition and enforcement mechanisms. 

• The evolution of gaming products across digital media. 

• Business, political and regulatory perspectives on the convergence of online and offline gambling. 

• Regulatory safeguards, such as age verification, fraud detection, geo-location and anti-money laundering. 

• The debate over state vs. federal policy and regulation. 

• Examples of regulated US-based Internet gambling.

• Responsible Gaming: What are the roles of government and industry in assuring social responsibility, and how are the similarities and differences between online and offline behavior addressed?

Who should attend:

• Product Managers

• Department Managers

• Executives

• Anyone in Public Relations, Social Media, I.T., Legal and Marketing