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Issue 11 - July 10th, 2017

Meet Me in Nashville

Dust off those cowboy boots and brush up on your two-step! NASPL is offering you the chance to get your lottery career as fit as a fiddle this month in Music City, as it plays host to our 2017 Professional Development Seminar, July 24-28.

With lightning-speed technological and political changes rocking our industry, you really can't afford NOT to take advantage of the Seminar. The trend toward economic globalization beats on regardless of us remaining loyal and bound to our individual jurisdictions.

Toward that end at this year's Seminar, you will learn about NASPL's new Lottery Standard API, which will expand our playing field and unite our missions. By utilizing a standard application programing interface among our lotteries, vendors, and retailers, we remove logistical stumbling blocks and can approach multi-lane and cross-border retailers as a unified $70 billion industry. Learn about our next steps including program governance, a retailer accreditation process, an upcoming pilot, and what it all means for your lottery. If you would like to get up to speed on API before the Seminar, I highly recommend checking out the easy-to-understand API webinar on the NASPL Matrix.

At the Seminar, we will also provide an update on NASPL's Cashless Purchases initiative involving consumers' use of noncash payments for lottery transactions. This topic has far-reaching implications both online and in brick-and-mortar retail.

To kick-off the Seminar, Patricia Russell-McCloud, Esq. will enlighten our group with the case and strategies for diversifying our organizations to truly impact our effectiveness across all functional areas. Your eyes will be opened and your mind engaged, even as you are entertained.

Later that afternoon, NASPL will recognize a few of our own newly minted "celebrities" who were nominated by their individual lotteries to receive the Powers Award and Ott Brown Scholarship Award.

Then on Wednesday evening, you will have the chance rub elbows with these Lottery stars in the midst of other legends during our social event at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum.

But perhaps what makes the Professional Development Seminar a true gem is the time devoted to networking and serious shop-talk with your professional peers. This alone is worth the price of admission! What other career development workshop affords the opportunity to learn what is working at other lotteries, participate in group-think around common challenges and add some high-quality contacts to your expanding LinkedIn network?

Make plans now to meet me in Nashville for the 2017 Professional Development Seminar.

I promise it will be something to sing and dance about!

Safe travels,

Rose Hudson
NASPL President

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