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Issue 12 - August 7th, 2017

Fan Those Flames

Don't you just love the creative spark that ignites when you are in a room full of your peers discussing new ideas, your latest successes and of course commiserating about common challenges? If you were gifted the opportunity to attend NASPL's Professional Development Seminar last month in Nashville, you understand exactly. But true professional development can never end there - it starts there! The challenge is to keep fanning the flames after returning to your office. For starters, make a commitment to put into practice or action at least five things you learned at the Seminar. Equally important, pass along the knowledge you picked up to others in your organization. Be an inspiration!

Speaking of inspiration, NASPL has been a perpetual source of education, network building and "ah-ha" moments in my own career and in those that I have had the privilege of managing. NASPL has become a cost-effective, value-added, one-stop shop for imparting the critical skills lottery staff require to excel at every level of our organizations.

Left: Powers Award winners that were present at NASPL PDS. Right: Rose Hudson with Allyson Taylor, the Ott Brown NASPL Scholarship Winner.

Toward that end, NASPL tipped its hat to several of these shining stars committed to their own profession and making our whole industry better because of it. Named after the first U.S. lottery director Ed Powers, NASPL's Powers Award was presented to these industry stand-outs. Join me in congratulating them on their achievements:

Wendy Ahlm
Director of Advertising & Marketing, New Mexico Lottery

Wendy Baker
Digital Engagement Coordinator, Missouri Lottery

Devin Barton
Gaming Operations Manager, North Carolina Education Lottery

Chanda Brown
Promotions and Marketing Manager, Georgia Lottery

Shannon DeHaven
Deputy Commissioner of Gaming Operations, Michigan Bureau of State Lottery

Darren Dreier
Systems Administrator, Kansas Lottery

Incheol Jeong
Senior Manager & Applications Developer, Arizona Lottery

Jennifer Johnson
Procurement and Supply Specialist, Washington's Lottery

Harold Mays
Director of Operations and Technology, Illinois Lottery

Brad Menard
Vice President of Sales, Louisiana Lottery

Jennifer Mullen
Communications Manager, Virginia Lottery

Andy Morgan
Security Investigator, Hoosier Lottery

Shirley Newman
Events Specialist, D.C. Lottery

Brenda Nye
Vice President Finance, Iowa Lottery

Pete Ramsey
Vice President of Sales, Kentucky Lottery

Brandi Reisman
Marketing Manager, Oklahoma Lottery

Jane Rooney
Director of Human Resources, Connecticut Lottery

Robert Tirloni
Products and Drawing Manager, Texas Lottery

Out of all North American lottery and vendor employees, only two-tenths of 1 percent are recognized with a Powers Award each year.

In addition to these award winners, Allyson Taylor, Sales Trainer for the Georgia Lottery, received the 2017 Ott Brown Scholarship Award established in recognition of the late president of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation to cultivate industry leaders by providing opportunities to learn and grow.

Award winners, your directive now becomes to amplify your success by sharing your "secrets" with your colleagues at other lotteries.

Next up on the list of must-have professional development opportunities is NASPL's 2017 Annual Conference in Portland, Sept. 13-16. With an intriguing agenda covering everything from cyber security to innovation to branding, the Conference also features break-out sessions for digging deeper, as well as a trade show to get hands-on with the latest trends in vendor products and services. With time for socializing, NASPL's Conference efficiently packs a big punch in two and a half days. See how you can "Shift Your Game" at

Rose Hudson
NASPL President

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