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Issue 27 - June 14th, 2019

In the lottery industry, the start of summer means the Professional Development Seminar is just around the corner.

This year the Arizona Lottery is hosting, from July 22-25, and the conference promises to be packed full of great information and updates on what's going on in the industry. The theme, "Beyond the Horizon," challenges attendees to go above and beyond to continue to learn and grow in their lottery professions.

The conference will be held at the beautiful Arizona Grand. Registration is open and accommodations are filling up fast, so I would recommend you get a move on if you're interested in attending. Take a look at the website to register, book your room and get the low down on what to expect.

This will be my 10th Professional Development Seminar and I have enjoyed each one for very different and unique reasons. Each seminar has its own personality, depending on the host city, the venue or just what is going on in the industry at the time. But every year, PDS provides an opportunity to visit with your peers and view presentations from some of the most knowledgeable and thought-provoking leaders in the lottery world. Over the years, I have jumped at every opportunity to present at these conferences. Presenting gives you the chance to dig into what you're doing in your state and to show off your lottery success stories - and provide some lessons learned from initiatives that did not go as planned.

This conference also provides lottery staff a chance to visit some cities that you may not otherwise frequent. In my time, I've had the opportunity to attend seminars in San Diego, Seattle, New Orleans, Orlando and Nashville. Each was unique in its own way, and the staff at NASPL never fails in setting up one-of-a-kind opportunities to experience something special in each city. And I have no doubt that Gregg and his staff in Arizona will do everything they can to show off their great state to all who attend.

There are several sessions on the docket this year that I'm particularly excited about. As a lottery director, I'm always interested in the viewpoint of our customers, the retailers. So the Retailers' Perspective panel promises to be especially interesting and informative. I am also excited about the presentation on Successful Instant Ticket Game Strategies, and the presentation about the new Texas Lottery draw game, Fireball. In Arkansas we are always looking for ways to increase the share of sales that go toward draw games, and Texas is definitely doing something right.

Regardless of your area of expertise within your lottery, the Professional Development Seminar will be a valuable experience. Take this opportunity to network with your colleagues. Participate in discussions that may challenge the way you do things in your state.

And, obviously, see the beautiful sites of Arizona.

Safe travels. And I hope to see you there soon.

Bishop Woosley
Director, Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
NASPL President

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