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Abacus Solutions International

Abacus Solutions International

Preston Lodge Court
Preston Deanery
Northamptonshire, NN7 2DS

Phone: +440 1604 846777

Simon Butler, CEO
Paul Lawson, CTO
Phil Bradley, Product Development Manager
Sharon Ingman, Operations Manager
Tim Yahya, Country Manager North America

Year of Inception: 2008

Contact: Tim Yahya, Country Manager North America
Tel.: (416) 554 7171, [email protected]

Primary Products and Services:

  •       Lottery in-lane solutions
  •       Lottery self-checkout/self-serve solutions
  •       Fully managed end-to-end service, from scoping to full integration and implementation
  •       Mobile and retailer loyalty solutions
  •       Abacus games

Abacus offers lotteries the opportunity to reach 100% of their potential players in-store with the Abacus InLane Solution. Implementation of the Abacus InLane Solution means that potential players are exposed to the opportunity to play lottery at every till point as they’re checking out their shopping – unlike the current 5% of shoppers playing at a dedicated in-store terminal. Abacus manages the integration of the lottery’s existing or new games into the retailers’ EPoS systems from start to finish, making it easy and painless to implement. Abacus offers lotteries the opportunity to sell LOTTERY EVERYWHERE™.





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