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Allwyn North America

Allwyn North America

200 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60618

Year of inception: 1994

About Us:
Allwyn North America is a full service lottery operator, supplier and business partner to North American lotteries. We make play better for all with innovative lottery technology and services, engaging content, and tried-and-tested playbooks that responsibly grow lotteries’ playerbase, revenue and returns to good causes over time.

Our local team of 100 experienced lottery professionals are deeply familiar with all aspects of a lottery’s operations, and we call Chicago, Illinois home. Globally, we’re connected to over 6,000 employees in six different markets across North America and Europe, and our lottery operations and technology supports over 130 million players and generates more than $4.4 billion in annual gaming revenue.

As the private manager of the Illinois Lottery, we work in partnership with the Department of Lottery to operate a modern lottery that benefits the people of Illinois. Our focus as private manager is on driving responsible and sustainable growth to maximize revenue, while building the Illinois Lottery’s brand and reputation as a champion for the people of Illinois. Together Allwyn and the Department have grown the Lottery’s player base to two-thirds of the adult population, delivered year-over-year growth in online players and sales, delivered record total sales in every year bar one, and delivered record proceeds to the State of Illinois in the past three financial years.

Lottery customers: Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan.

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