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Carmanah Signs Inc.

Carmanah Signs Inc.

5-6025 12th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2K1

Phone: 403-252-6047
Fax: 403-252-5580

Year of inception: 1993

Key Service Areas:

  • Digital Sign Network Design
  • Creative Services & Content Development
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Network Monitoring & Operations
  • Field Support Services

Key Product Lines:

  • Digital Touch Screen PlayStations
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Wireless Jackpot Signs
  • Digital Sign Networks
  • Casino Table Limit Signs

The retail environment is rapidly evolving. The need to increase sales and appeal to younger players, while delivering engaging and informative experiences, is key for lotteries. Carmanah Signs combines a deep understanding of the Lottery industry with globally leading retail optimization expertise that helps lotteries engage with all player segments and grow sales. 

A leading supplier to Lottery and Gaming for over 20 years, Carmanah Signs (Carmanah) is the Gaming division of STRATACACHE—­the world’s leading provider of digital signage network software, hardware, and services. Together, STRATACACHE and Carmanah have over 1.6 million connected media players and 140,000 wireless jackpot signs at retailers around the world.

An active member of the global lottery community, Carmanah serves 51 lottery customers in four continents. Carmanah focuses solely on solutions for the Lottery industry, providing everything from digital signage software and hardware (media players, screens, tablets, networking equipment, and jackpot signs) to services (content creation, scheduling and distribution, network monitoring, and technical support).

Carmanah is a long-time associate member of five global lottery associations (NASPL, WLA, EL, APLA, and CIBELAE), and is an ongoing sponsor and content contributor to numerous Lottery industry events. The team includes professionals with a breadth of experience and deep roots in lottery, including team members from vendor, agency, and lottery backgrounds. Carmanah is the only digital signage provider committed to the Lottery industry at this level.


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