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Diamond Game

Diamond Game

9340 Penfield Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Phone: 818-727-1690
Fax: 818-727-1692

Year of inception: 1994

Primary products and services:

  • ITVMs
  • VLTs
  • Class II games
  • Other customized gaming products

Diamond Game designs, produces, and services games, gaming systems, and tickets for various North American Lotteries and alternative gaming markets.

Diamond Game's mission is to provide innovative solutions to lotteries seeking retailers and revenue growth. To deliver on that mission, the patented LT-3 suite of ITVMs was created with lottery needs at the forefront. The LT-3 allows lotteries to expand their retailer base into less traditional and age-regulated social establishments, such as bars, taverns, bingo halls, and social clubs. The LT-3 is currently deployed in 5 North American lottery jurisdictions.

Diamond Game’s newest suite of products is NexPlay™. NexPlay™ represents an exciting next step for self-service player activated terminals, as it includes all of the LT-3 functionality, but goes further by offering multi-game features, integration into existing lottery draw games, ticket checking animation, optional cashless payment capabilities, optional age verification functionality, downloadable content, and optional player recognition for loyalty rewards and responsible gaming features.

The LT-3 ITVM and the NexPlay™ suite of products feature secure ticket validation and fraud prevention and a sophisticated accounting and sales tracking system. The footprints of the terminals are significantly smaller than standard ITVMs and SSTs, thus allowing one or more to fit easily in even small venues. Diamond Game’s suite of products can be deployed in a variety of configurations based on unique lottery needs, helping generate significant new instant ticket, keno, and draw game revenue.

Lottery customers: Maryland Lottery, Missouri Lottery, Michigan Charitable Gaming, New Hampshire Charitable Gaming, New Mexico Charitable Gaming, Ontario Lottery, Loto-Québec

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