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EquiLottery Games

EquiLottery Games

1300 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40203

Phone: 502-644-1454

Year of inception: 2014

Primary products and services:

  • EquiLottery, a daily $2 draw game based on the results of live horse races
  • Race replay mobile support app for EquiLottery. Demo version at 
  • Consulting services related to EquiLottery including racetrack and racing industry partnerships, state-specific race calendar construction, marketing support and intellectual property licensing.

Ushering in a new generation of live action draw games, EquiLottery Games currently offers its core game, EquiLottery, to lotteries across North America. This game is offered daily and is available to any state that has both lottery and pari-mutuel wagering, as a portion of each wager is run through the racetrack wagering pools. This builds bigger pools and payouts, and therefore encourages both lottery and horseplayers to invest more in races supported by EquiLottery.

The game is a daily $2 quick pick found at retailers and also available for those lotteries looking to open online lottery options. Along with the game structure and consulting services provided by EquiLottery Games, our mobile app and website easily delivers live and replayed races to lottery players at their convenience. An Ipsos study conducted over the summer of 2015 shows this game has strong appeal among core players, draws in a significant base of those not currently playing the lottery, and its mobile approach is attractive to the difficult-to-reach millennial generation.

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