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Henschel Steinau, Inc.

Henschel Steinau, Inc.

50 Commerce Drive
Allendale, New Jersey 07401

Phone: 201-760-4100
Fax: 201-760-4158

Year of inception: 1959

Primary products and services:

  • LED Lit Modular Scratch off Ticket Systems.
  • Universal Counter solutions for different store layouts.
  • Multi Material Solutions provider
  • Modular Dispensing system

Henschel-Steinau Inc. has celebrated our 61st anniversary as the premier in store merchandising Solutions Company. We are the industry leaders in Point of sale custom and modular display systems.

Our client mix is equally divided between Fortune 500 Consumer Products companies and National Retail chains.  HS designs and produces in store solutions that navigate both sides of the industry from brand placement to on shelf placement.  

Lottery customers: West Virginia, Hoosier Lottery

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