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11360 Technology Circle
Duluth, GA 30097

Phone: 678-473-7200
Fax: 678-473-7201

  • Nikos NikolakopoulosChairman of Board of Directors
  • Christos TzoumarasChief Operating Officer
  • George MermigasCTO
  • Jay LapineChief Legal Officer
  • Lampros KlironomosChief Financial Officer
  • Rebecca Dirden SwindleVice President, Strategic Development

Year of inception: 2002

INTRALOT US is a leading player in the US gaming industry and a subsidiary of the public listed company INTRALOT, which established in 1992 by its Chairman and CEO Mr. Sokratis Kokkalis. With significant experience in looking forward and anticipating emerging trends, we provide future-proof solutions to licensed operators around the country. Together with our partners, we realize the potential of the licensed gaming industry and try to influence, or even invent its future, offering compelling player experiences across diverse geographies and sales channels.

As a licensed gaming provider and one of the world’s top sports betting operators, we are leading the way in the new interactive era of sports betting in the United States. To us, this leadership comes with responsibility: to deliver value to all stakeholders, including our employees and our communities, and offer players around the United States the outstanding quality, convenience and innovative offerings they expect.

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