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8 W. 40th St.
New York, NY 10018

Phone: 646-755-7070

Year of inception: 2013

Primary products and services:

  • Lottery Pools: Players combine their tickets in a shared pot for better odds. They can create private groups with friends, or join thousands of players across multiple jurisdictions in Jackpocket’s Powerball and Mega Millions pools.
  • Autoplay: Players can set up automatic orders to enter drawings using Quick Picks or their favorite numbers, so they never miss a play.
  • Ticket Lock: Jackpocket’s proprietary ticket-scanning technology ties the ticket serial number to the player’s identity, eliminating the risk of ticket loss or theft.
  • Responsible Gaming: Safeguards such as daily deposit and spend limits, self-exclusion, and in-app access to problem gambling resources promote responsible play.

Jackpocket is a mobile-first company helping to modernize and grow state lotteries, with a mission to create a more convenient, fun, and responsible way to play. As a no-cost, no-integration, turnkey platform, Jackpocket helps lotteries drive incremental revenue—benefitting essential state programs—by engaging traditional players while attracting new customers like millennials. Through the Jackpocket app, players can order tickets for their favorite games, check lottery results, join lottery pools with other Jackpocket players, and turn on Autoplay so they never miss a drawing. Jackpocket is the first third-party lottery service to receive responsible gambling certification from the NCPG's Internet Responsible Gambling Compliance Assessment Program. As the first registered lottery courier service in New Jersey, the company also became the first lottery courier to be formally licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction.

Lottery customers: Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington D.C.


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