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Jumbo Interactive Ltd.

Jumbo Interactive Ltd.

Level 1, 601 Coronation Drive
Toowong, Queensland 4066

Phone: +61 7 3831 3705

  • Mike VeverkaChief Executive Officer and Director/Founder
  • Brian RobertPresident North America
    [email protected]

Year of inception: 1999

Primary products and services:

  • Internet and mobile lottery e-retailer sales solutions
  • Internet and mobile lottery e-marketing
  • Interactive gaming solutions
  • Lottery loyalty programs
  • Subscription program management
  • Turnkey solutions for digital sales channels

Jumbo Interactive Ltd. is a publicly listed company trading on the highly regulated Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:JIN). Jumbo is an innovative and successful Internet lottery retail business. We partner with World Lottery Association members globally and are dedicated to growing their online presence and driving sales through digital channels. Jumbo Interactive follows the traditional retailer/agency model common to virtually all lotteries and applies this model to the modern environment of the Internet and mobile. Employing the right combination of assets, skills, experience and technology, Jumbo Interactive has proven over the past decade its ability to grow new markets in the digital channel for its lottery partners. Jumbo Interactive owns key Internet lottery properties - akin to owning well-located traditional storefronts - designed to appear wherever lottery players are searching on the Internet.

Jumbo Interactive has been promoting and selling lottery tickets via its flagship website for over 14 years and mobile for the past five years in the heavily regulated Australian market. More recently Jumbo launched its German web-site, which provides digital sales channels for all 16 state lotteries in Germany in an equally regulated market. Jumbo has all the credentials and capabilities to enable digital sales channels to market and promote your lottery's game portfolio in an offering that is budget neutral to the lottery. Jumbo operates as a lottery retail under similar arrangements and the same commission as the traditional retailers. Through its e-Retailer program, Jumbo partners with the traditional brick and mortar retailers to broaden the lottery's awareness, reach and convenience for players - a successful and profitable arrangement all stakeholders. It is the Right Combination.

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