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Lazlo 326

Lazlo 326

5755 Northpoint Pkwy, Suite 41
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Phone: 770-727-5158

  • Chris DemetreeChief Executive Officer
  • Gregory BakerChief Operating Officer
    [email protected]
  • Mike PinkusChief Technology Officer, Founder

Year of inception: 2014

Lazlo created a world where consumers can purchase lottery tickets using their mobile phones to buy lottery tickets, at the register or in-lane. Instead of managing paper tickets, retailers can now sell digital lottery tickets and players can securely store their tickets on their phones the way they do photos, airline tickets, theater tickets, shopping lists, etc.

Lazlo product features:

  • Produces secure, encrypted digital lottery tickets.
  • Offers players an easy, convenient way to use their mobile phones and allows players to select game plays before completing their purchase in-store.
  • Integrates with retailer or loyalty apps and POS systems.
  • Supports all lottery draw games.
  • Integrates with existing legacy gaming systems.      
  • Drives marketing with CPG partners enabling unlimited ticket branding potential and drives customer value and loyalty.

Lazlo is lottery for today’s mobile user and provides the convenience, privacy and security of a traditional paper ticket. The player selects game plays and places them in a mobile cart. When at the retailer, the player selects “checkout” and a barcode is generated on the mobile device. The clerk scans the barcode and the player’s ticket images are downloaded to the player’s mobile device.

Lazlo drives marketing, supports retailer partnership and engages players. It was developed by leaders in the gaming-tech, lottery and retail space.

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