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PBI Research Services

PBI Research Services

900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 201
Larkspur, CA 94939

Phone: 415-482-9611

Year of inception: 1980

Primary products and services:

  • Advanced death audits
  • Locate services
  • Data cleanse services

As the leading provider of death audit, locate, and data cleanse services, PBI Research Services partners with lotteries to address both winner and retailer compliance concerns:

  • Death Audit Services. Using over 20,000 data sources along with artificial intelligence and human expertise, PBI offers the most timely and comprehensive method for identifying deaths. This service is used to:
    - Insure winners (annuitant/weekly) are not fraudulently representing themselves to avoid taxes.
    - Identify deceased retailers for whom licensed must be replaced.
  • Locate Services. Using a combination of mail, phone calls, and social media searches, PBI can validate retailer addresses, eliminating fines associated with incorrect addresses.
  • Data Cleanse Services. Use our Social Security number verification tools to avoid fines associated with incorrect winner information.

Let PBI put over 35 years of expertise along with the latest technology solutions to work for your lottery.

Lottery customers: Massachusetts, New Jersey

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