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Public Gaming Research Institute (PGRI, Inc.)

Public Gaming Research Institute (PGRI, Inc.)

218 Main Street, Suite 203
Kirkland, WA 98033

Phone: 425-449-3000
Fax: 206-374-2600

Year of inception: 1975

Primary products and services:

  • Public Gaming International Magazine, published six times a year
  •, an industry news website
  •, for video-recorded presentations and interviews
  • "Morning Report" e-newsletter sent out every Monday
  • Four daily e-newsletters, Monday through Thursday
  • Smart-Tech: Conference held annually (April) in New York City
  • Lottery Expo: Conference held annually (November) in Miami

Public Gaming Research Institute is dedicated to the support and growth of lottery organizations around the world, government sponsored gaming of all varieties, preservation of responsible regulatory policies and the forging of an informed and enlightened approach to public policy issues. We do this by providing information resources, daily e-news services and in-depth commentary by experts and leaders in the gaming industry, and by keeping our readers and constituents abreast of the status of legal, political and regulatory matters that so affect our industry. 

Our mission is to serve the government gaming industry. Our constituents include everyone who supports lottery and government-gaming.

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