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Spectra Systems

Spectra Systems

321 South Main Street, Suite 102
Providence, RI 02852

Phone: 401-274-4700
Fax: 401-274-3127

Year of inception: 1996

Primary products and services:

  • Independent control systems (ICS) for all forms of lottery - on-line, instants, mobile, VLT and pari-mutuel gaming
  • Electronic draw monitoring and auditing
  • Anti-counterfeiting ink and taggant security products for covert ticket protection

Spectra Systems is an established world leader in providing technology for secure transactions, from banknotes and products to gaming. Spectra's Premier internal control system is the industry's most advanced ICS offering for real-time protection and is the leading supplier of real-time auditing, fraud control and risk management systems to government-sanctioned gaming operators. Prior to the strategic acquisition of the ICS business for regulated gaming markets, the company has penetrated the currency and document security markets through a series of supply and licensing agreements with governmental, institutional and corporate partners.

Lottery customers: Spectra Systems serves over 20 lottery jurisdictions across the U.S. and worldwide. Currently deployed in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, Premier Integrity systems monitor and audit more than US$20 billion in annual sales for lotteries and pari-mutuel organizations.

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