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Jan 19, 2021 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm (ET)
Omnichannel Marketing: Digital Direct Mail Integration

Subject matter experts Morgan DiGiorgio, Vice President Channel Sales from DirectMarketing2.0, and Ron Jewett, Account Executive from Duke Print & Mail Solutions, will outlay the keys to marketing success; the effectiveness of omnichannel marketing; and how to increase your returns through the power of digitally enhanced direct mail integration. In this presentation, Morgan will showcase the value proposition of direct mail and how it can increase your returns on marketing, now more than ever.

Sixty-five percent of marketing is who you are marketing to. Unique website visitors are the most qualified prospects, as they are showing the highest level of interest. Learn how to identify these unique website visitors and their contact information with patent pending technology and market to them to achieve an astronomical 9 to 18% response rate with direct mail.

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