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Rose Hudson
Rose Hudson
President & CEO

Louisiana Lottery Corporation

  • $624,945,595
  • $207,497,710
    Transfers to Beneficiaries
  • $353,848,720
    Prizes Paid to Players
  • 2,929
* Information displayed reflects data collected for fiscal year 2021

Lottery Impact on the Economy

  • In Louisiana, 2,929 retailers generated $624,945,595 in gross sales.
  • This economic activity generated $207,497,710 in transfers to beneficiaries.
  • $353,848,720 was awarded to players in prizes.

History of Louisiana Lottery Corporation

Voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment creating the Louisiana Lottery Corp. in October 1990, with 69 percent in favor of the proposal. Recognizing the business nature of the new lottery, the legislature gave it corporate status in the enabling legislation. The Lottery opened for business on September 6, 1991, when it offered its first scratch game, Louisiana Treasures.

The Lottery’s first draw game, Lotto, launched on January 22, 1992, with a $2 million starting jackpot. Pick 3 followed on August 31, offering daily draws. Powerball arrived in March 1995.

By statute, the Louisiana Lottery must transfer 35 percent of all revenue to state programs, and as a result it ranks second among U.S. lotteries in the percentage of revenue transferred to its government.

Originally, Lottery proceeds were sent to the state’s General Fund. In 2003, voters approved another constitutional amendment to dedicate Lottery proceeds to the Minimum Foundation Program, which funds K-12 public education in the state. The change was effective July 1, 2004. In addition, the first $500,000 in annual lottery proceeds are earmarked for the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Office of Behavioral Health to fund problem gambling programs.

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