North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries Where the Money Goes

NASPL Regions

Region I

  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation
  • Connecticut Lottery Corporation
  • Delaware State Lottery
  • Loto-Quebec
  • Maine State Lottery
  • Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
  • Massachusetts State Lottery Commission
  • New Hampshire Lottery Commission
  • New Jersey Division of State Lottery
  • New York State Gaming Commission
  • Pennsylvania Lottery
  • Rhode Island Lottery
  • Vermont Lottery Commission

Regional Director: James Carey
Executive Director, New Jersey Division of State Lottery

Region II

  • Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
  • District of Columbia Office of Lottery and Gaming
  • Florida Lottery
  • Georgia Lottery Corporation
  • Kentucky Lottery Corporation
  • Loteria Electronica (Puerto Rico)
  • Louisiana Lottery Corporation
  • Mississippi Lottery Corporation
  • North Carolina Education Lottery
  • South Carolina Education Lottery
  • Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
  • Virgin Islands Lottery
  • Virginia Lottery
  • West Virginia Lottery

Regional Director: Rebecca Paul
President & CEO, Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation

Region III

  • Hoosier Lottery
  • Illinois Department of the Lottery
  • Iowa Lottery Authority
  • Kansas Lottery
  • Michigan Bureau of State Lottery
  • Minnesota State Lottery
  • Missouri State Lottery Commission
  • Nebraska Lottery
  • North Dakota Lottery
  • Ohio Lottery Commission
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
  • South Dakota Lottery
  • Wisconsin Lottery

Regional Director: Adam Prock
Executive Director, Minnesota State Lottery

Region IV

  • Arizona State Lottery
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation
  • California Lottery Commission
  • Colorado Lottery
  • Idaho Lottery
  • Montana Lottery
  • New Mexico Lottery Authority
  • Oklahoma Lottery Commission
  • Oregon Lottery
  • Texas Lottery Commission
  • Washington's Lottery
  • Western Canada Lottery Corporation
  • Wyoming State Lottery

Regional Director: Gary Grief
Executive Director, Texas Lottery Commission

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