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Standards and Best Practices

The NASPL Standards Initiative (NSI) has been a collaborative effort between Lotteries, Vendors and Retailers to provide an interoperable Lottery based on: Open Technical Standards, Approved Best Practices, Certification (Vendors), and Verification (Lotteries).

Standards improve the quality and integrity of the lottery environment by providing increased efficiencies.

Best Practices improve the process.

Technical Standards improve the technology and make the technological interfaces/connections appear seamless.

NSI Best Practices and Technical Standards are listed below. Each is available for download and review.

NASPL is a member of the Committee for Securing Gaming Integrity (CSGI). CSGI through a common voice serves the fairness, integrity, security and honesty of gaming by the recognition of industry technical, regulatory and protocol standards. The CSGI provides a common recognition of regulatory standards and protocols within the industry.

The Committee for Securing Gaming Integrity is committed to:

  • Recognizing industry leaders in the their development of technical, regulatory and protocol standards
  • Providing a forum to identify gaps in technical, communication and
  • Providing a forum for the solicitation and production of standards that can be developed by gaming organizations
  • Recognition of standards across multiple jurisdictions and regulatory associations
  • Providing a repository of recognized standards that will serve the gaming industry as a whole.

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